Vanillamynt Blast Breathmints

VanillaMynt Blast - 5 oz pouch

Smooth vanilla flavor mixes with all natural peppermint to create one sensational taste! This unique blend freshens breath with a sweet vanilla zest, curing your sweet tooth and bad breath in one easy step. Just use one sweet mint for an instant... Average rating: 4.80, based on 10 reviews
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Surprising, different, delicious, no-sugar, low calorie, great value, ample quantity for the money. As a "connoisseur" (self annointed, I know) of mints, Vanilla Myntz are far and away the best out there ... WHEN THEY ARE OUT THERE!


I love VanillaMynts! They have a mild, minty flavor that keeps your breath fresh for hours. To prevent offending friends, do you need a mint that burns your mouth and makes your eyes water? NO!! Other mints contain sugar, so as soon as they dissolve, bacteria go to work making your bad breath return. Because VanillaMyntz contain no sugar, your breath keeps its fresh minty flavor for hours.

My absolute favorite mints of all time. Highly recommend.

Philadelphia, PA

I am beyond excited about the return of our beloved vanilla myntz! Thank you so much for your service to humanity by giving us back our joy! 🥰

Portland, OR

I am so happy the vanilla flavor Myntz are back! The minty vanilla flavor is refreshing, but not harsh. The mints are a satisfying replacement for sugary snacks. Make sure you keep them away from your pets, because they do contain the sweetener sorbitol.


My dental visits have never been faster. These are fresh tasting, without being too strong. The vanilla flavor adds a nice mellow note. I bought a case shortly before Christmas, and wound up giving them as gifts. Much appreciated!

Kent, Wa

I've been using the VanillaMyntz for years and love them. Thankfully I stocked up just before they were discontinued. Well, I went to Trader Joe's for more. They don't carry them anymore! So I had to order them online. The new recipe is good but not great like the old one. It's more minty. Please bring back the old recipe.

Seattle, WA

I've been consuming these mints for 10+ years and could not recommend more! The flavor is beautifully minty with a subtle hint of vanilla for a unique and refreshing taste unlike any other mint. What I LOVE most about them is that they are sugarfree so the taste stays in your mouth without the weird aftertaste like in mints like Altoids or other sugary mints.

These mints are the BEST flavor without the added sugar and preservatives. Love!!

Nashville, TN

Thank you for listening to the public outcry and bringing back the best mint of all time. Now if we can just get it back in to Trader Joe's.

Leland, North Carolina

trying to order these myntz, but something appears to be wron with website. when I click on 1 or on 2 and add to cart. does NOT add to cart. It just goes back to ptevious screen. HELP!

Raleigh NC

So, I’ve been enjoying these mints since the last century as was so elated to get em back.

I would rate 4.5 stars solely on the basis that they (you) changed the original recipe to be more mintier as opposed to original. When you chose to discontinue this product some months back, I tried several brands and actually ended up with your winter myntz, but do not prefer the “altoids sting” as really couldn’t keep one fully in my mouth due to strong mint, etc flavor.

Anyway, glad to see the vanilla back despite the mintier change in recipe (I still have a tin or two) as clearly different but these still are my fav mint in this whole world! sounds pathetic I know but you guys know what I’m talking about.

Yowza, your vanillamyntz are “out of stock” as hope that you will get em back. Also Trader Joe’s in Raleigh NC does not carry these as of yet.

But, thank you thank you for these myntz. -Jeff