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VanillaMynt Blast - 5 oz pouch

5.00 stars, based on 4 reviews
Smooth vanilla flavor mixes with all natural peppermint to create one sensational taste! This unique blend freshens breath with a sweet vanilla zest, curing your sweet tooth and bad breath in one easy step. Just use one sweet mint for an instant...
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Curiously Mild

I love VanillaMynts! They have a mild, minty flavor that keeps your breath fresh for hours. To prevent offending friends, do you need a mint that burns your mouth and makes your eyes water? NO!! Other mints contain sugar, so as soon as they dissolve, bacteria go to work making your bad breath return. Because VanillaMyntz contain no sugar, your breath keeps its fresh minty flavor for hours.

My absolute favorite mints of all time. Highly recommend.

Philadelphia, PA

God is real y’all!! 🤩

I am beyond excited about the return of our beloved vanilla myntz! Thank you so much for your service to humanity by giving us back our joy! 🥰

Portland, OR

Great vanilla taste!

I am so happy the vanilla flavor Myntz are back! The minty vanilla flavor is refreshing, but not harsh. The mints are a satisfying replacement for sugary snacks. Make sure you keep them away from your pets, because they do contain the sweetener sorbitol.

Nashville, TN

Vanilla Myntz has returned!

Thank you for listening to the public outcry and bringing back the best mint of all time. Now if we can just get it back in to Trader Joe's.

Reviews 1-4 of 4