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WinterMynt Blast - Myntz - 6 Pack 1.75 oz each

  • 6 reusable tins per package
  • Sugar-free breath mints
  • Fast-acting bad breath cure
  • Fresh mint flavor made with natural peppermint
  • Total net weight: 10.5 ounces (1.75 ounces per tin)

This classic blue tin presents the classic WinterMynt Blast flavor from Myntz! The brisk taste has the perfect amount of eye-opening flavor to leave you feeling fresh and invigorated. These powerful mints are made with natural peppermint extract for quick bursts of icy freshness throughout the day.

These mints are the strongest bad-breath solution due to their unique odor-fighting formula. This includes a special ingredient called potassium bicarbonate. This reduces the levels of cavity-causing acids and neutralizes mouth odors for a cleaner and healthier mouth.

These mints are made sugar-free to promote good oral hygiene. Using sugar-free mints is vital to prevent future bacteria from causing tooth decay over time. Dentists recommend these mints for this reason.

Enjoy this pack of six reusable mint tins for any time you crave fresh breath. With 71 mints in every tin, there is plenty of WinterMynt flavor to share. Begin enjoying feeling cleaner, fresher, and healthier with Myntz! Breathmints.

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Della Matthis
The only mint to buy for continuing use

We have been buying these mints for about 15 years. Everyone in the family loves them--but please add us to the list of people clamoring for the return of the Vanillamyntz.

James Nichols
Love these mints!

I love the strong mint flavor and the fact that they are sugar free.

Joy Licata
Always fresh!

I love the minty pick-me-up, but I still miss the VanillaMynts! There's just no substitute :)

Cassi Aulner
Not as good as VanillaMynt!

These are good and I love that they’re sugar free without sucralose or nutra sweet but I miss VanillaMynt!!! 😩😩😩

William Johnston

WinterMynt Blast - Myntz - 6 Pack 1.75 oz each