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VanillaMynt Blast - 5 oz pouch

  • Save 10% when you purchase a case of 8 pouches
  • Sugar-free breath mints
  • For a clean, healthy mouth
  • Smooth vanilla flavor with natural peppermint
  • Total net weight: 5 ounces

Experience a smooth and sweet sensation with VanillaMynt Blast from Myntz! This mint mixes all-natural peppermint with vanilla flavor to cure a sweet tooth and bad breath at the same time. This 5-ounce pouch of mints is filled with over 200 mints, plenty to enjoy for months to come.

These mints are the strongest bad-breath solution due to their unique odor-fighting formula. This includes a special ingredient called potassium bicarbonate. This reduces the levels of cavity-causing acids and neutralizes mouth odors for a cleaner and healthier mouth.

These mints are made sugar-free to promote good oral hygiene. Using sugar-free mints is vital to prevent future bacteria from causing tooth decay over time. Dentists recommend these mints for this reason.

VanillaMyntz are the perfect bad-breath solution. Made with delicious flavor and with a powerful freshening formula, these mints have become a beloved favorite.

Customer Reviews

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A Literal Lifesaver

Best-tasting mint on the planet, couldn't have quit smoking without it. It's become my much-safer addiction!

Bring Back the tin!!

I love this mint. Used to get it at Trader Joe's all the time. $1.69 for the 1.75 oz. tin (like the WinterBlast still are). Then...... no more! I had to go looking for them, and found them here, at the source. But to buy them you have to love them. 3 tins at Trader Joe's were 5.25 oz for $5.07 TOTAL - no shipping and handling or tax (food in California not taxed) or 96 cents per oz. But only 5 oz here is $7.25, and no tin. I bought 3 pouches to try to ease the $8.50 shipping (still no sales tax), and I had a 20% off St Paddy's day coupon even, and my total bill was $25.90 for 15 oz, or $1.73/oz (compared to 96 cents from Trader Joe's - 9 tins or 15.75 oz would be $15.21 for .75 oz more, and with tins). WinterBlast here, @ $15.25 for 6 or $2.54 per tin, 10.5 oz total, plus $8.50 shipping would be $23.75 total, or $2.26/oz. ($10.14 at Trader Joe's, still, more than $10 less for the same 6 tins). Sooooo.... Please bring back the tins of VanillaBlast and stock Trader Joe's again. I just can't afford to buy it here, and the shipping is not environmental friendly, either.
I see as I write this they are now sold out. Time to make a huge run!


I am very fond of VanillaMynts as I believe they are vegan and they taste really good (I like vanilla).


VanillaMynt Blast - 5 oz pouch

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