Get to Know Us a Little Better

About Myntz BreathmintsWe are dedicated to providing high-quality, sugar-free breath mints that not only eliminate bad breath and promote good oral hygiene, but also taste delicious while doing so. That's the Myntz! way, and we're sticking to it.

Myntz! Breathmints came about from a routine dental check-up gone awry. The founder of Myntz! was shocked to discover that he had a mouth full of cavities. Come to find out, the sugary breath mints he'd been popping to freshen his breath were doing double duty. Sure, they gave his mouth a minty taste for a while, but the sugar in the mints was ultimately making his bad breath worse and accelerating tooth decay!

How it works: Throughout your day food particles get left behind and stick to teeth. Odor-causing bacteria show up to feast on these particles, which leaves you with a foul-smelling mouth. So, you pop a sugary breath mint to cure your bad breath. But wait! That sugar-laden morsel only masks the odor while worsening the problem!

Sugar from the mint joins the build-up on your teeth, promoting more bacterial growth and even more bad breath! What’s more, these bacteria produce harmful acids that eat away at healthy teeth, causing cavities. The sugary mints actually cause more frequent visits to the dentist!

And so, Myntz! Breathmints were conceived. We set up shop in Kent, Washington and the mint making magic began.

Using sorbitol, a natural sugar substitute found in fruit, we were able to create a delicious, powerful breath mint free of sugar. We also incorporate our special ingredient, potassium bicarbonate, that effectively neutralizes acid levels in the mouth, preventing tooth decay.

We are quite proud of our powerful little mints. Visit our blog to learn more about: