Why Myntz! Breathmints?

Strong, Sugar-Free Breath MintsMyntz! are powerful and will cure even the worst breath.

There are many reasons that you may encounter bad breath. Strong flavored foods such as garlic and onions, tobacco use, and even certain medical conditions can all produce foul odors in the mouth.

Our breath mints provide powerful relief of all bad breath types. They have a strong and all natural peppermint kick to eliminate unwanted odors.

Myntz! are sweetened with sorbitol, a natural sugar substitute.

Most sugar free mints are made using aspartame, an artificial sweetener that can leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. Sorbitol is a natural sugar substitute found in fruits such as apples and peaches.

Sorbitol based Myntz! are the smart choice for fighting bad breath more naturally.

Sugar free breath mints eliminate the compounding effects of sugary mints and do not promote tooth decay.

When you eat sugar-laden mints, sugary residue is left behind in the mouth among other food particles. These bits of “leftovers” are a favorite food for bacteria. The bacteria take up residence and give off a foul odor. They also create tooth-decaying acids that gradually break down your precious tooth enamel.

Choosing Myntz! brand breath mints means you avoid this issue altogether. Our sugar free formula does not add any extra, harmful “debris” to your teeth and gums.

The Myntz! formula contains a special odor-fighting ingredient that helps promote good oral hygiene.

As the special ingredient of the Myntz! formula, potassium bicarbonate absorbs and eliminates bad breath at the source. The bacteria in your mouth, along with the acids they form, give off the foul-smelling odors that cause bad breath. Our special ingredient has been shown to neutralize these mouth odors.

Sugar free breath mints are lower in calories and recommended for low-carb diets.

Excluding sucrose from your diet is one of the best ways to lose weight. Sucrose, also known as table sugar, is a simple sugar and a carbohydrate typically derived from sugar cane. This sugar is notorious for providing a quick burst of energy followed by an energy slump later on. Over consumption of sucrose has also been linked to an increase in the risk of developing chronic disease, such as diabetes.

With the Myntz! sugar free formula you don’t have to worry about extra sugar intake!

Sugar free Myntz! are the perfect solution to cure bad breath quickly and effectively. Our WinterMynt flavor gives you a blast of fresh breath right when you need it!