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Born from the simple idea of bringing a sugar free, more natural and healthy breath mint to the masses, Myntz offers quality breath mints that cure even the worst bad breath quickly and effortlessly. Our special formula uses the natural sugar substitute, sorbitol, along with the odor-fighting properties of potassium bicarbonate to effectively eliminate bad mouth odors. Our WinterMynt Blast breath mints even minimize tooth decay and promote healthy oral hygiene.

Myntz! Wintermynt Blast
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The “Mintyist” of our breath mints, WinterMynt Blast has just the right amount of eye-opening flavor to leave you feeling fresh and invigorated. Our brisk wintermint flavor is strong and refreshing and made with natural peppermint extract for a quick burst of icy freshness. For a strong mint that works fast, try the powerful taste of WinterMynt.WinterMynt Blast Myntz! are a sugar free, low calorie bad breath remedy. Forget bitter-tasting aspartame, these powerful mints are sweetened with...